The International Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival


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The International Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival is one of the greatest tattoo events that ever took place in France. Imagined and displayed by the international artist Stéphane Chaudesaigues (designated artist of the year 1995 by the US National Tattoo Association), this very peculiar convention will welcome some of the most famous tattoo artists coming from all over the world.

The convention will take place from July the 5th till July the 7th in Chaudes-Aigues, a spa located in the heart of the French Massif Central. Don’t be surprised by the similarity between Stephane’s last name and the city where he chose to organize the convention: when he discovered that he kind of had been named after some town from the centre of France, Stéphane decided to visit it. He was then astonished by the charming streets of Chaudes-Aigues and ended considering the spa as his own village. Actually, the International Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival sounds like a tribute: in the end the 19th century, most farmers fled from the Massif Central to get to Paris where they could find work. With this convention, Stéphane Chaudesaigues figured out there was a way back.



And he won’t follow it alone. His career and reputation allowed him to convince most of the biggest international tattoo artists to come by the festival: Nikko HurtadoShane O’Neill (the winner of the TV Show Ink Master), Carlos TorresBugsBob TyrrellJoe Capobianco, Alex de Pase, among many others, have confirmed they will attend. Some of them had never come to France before. In fact, every style and every continent will be represented at the International Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo Festival.



During the whole convention, all these artists will be offering their services and presenting their work. But the convention also provides lots of shows and various contests.

The first dayThe first day will be dedicated to professionals. Nikko HurtadoShane O’Neill and Lukas Zpira will are meant to give a lecture to the attending artists. Besides, some activities will take place in the flourishing countryside of Chaudes-Aigues (canoeing, strolling). At 7 pm, Pascal Tourain will perform his show “L’homme tatoué” (The tattooed man) towards the citizens of Chaudes-Aigues.

On Saturday, concerts will be held the whole day long. A burlesque show will also be provided by the Boudoir Froufrou. The climax should be reached at midnight when the sulphurous Satomi performs her sexy bodmods show, for and adult audience only. Besides, the first tattoo contests will take place at 7 pm with the designation of the winner followed by an aesthetic parade.

On Sunday, the Festival will also provide a Polynesian show and another parade dedicated to the art of corset. The best tattoo of the show will also be elected. 




If you’re planning to come the whole week-end to Chaudes-Aigues, the entrance will only cost you 20 euros. For one day, the ticket is worth 15 euros. 

In case you were willing to fly, Chaudes-Aigues is close to Clermont-Ferrand’, Rodez’ and Aurillac’s airports. From Paris, you an also drive to Chaudes-Aigues or take the train.

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There are lots of hotels in town, and a very close campsite, so you won't experience any trouble to find a place to sleep.
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