Second edition of the Chaudes-Aigues Tattoo gathering in France

All along, we really wanted to bring forth a strong symbol; a symbol so powerful that somehow people tend to often overlook, and it's concept of family.

Families can come in a number of forms. There's of course the family you come from; the one that you create, and the family that you find yourself belonging to, sometimes without being fully aware of it.

I had this wish that both my families would eventually get to know one another.


My professional community and the people of a small mountain village nested within the narrow Remontalou valley, on the ancient land of Caldaguès, Chaudes-Aigues, in the Cantal region.

Known until now for its hot springs and for being a spa destination, with the hottest waters recorded in Europe at 82 °C, Chaudes-Aigues recently experienced an intense weekend under the buzzing needles of over 140 tattoo artists. We had world-renowned ink slingers, from no less than 26 different countries.

It was the ideal setting to showcase the art and the business of tattooing and to discover a scenic, enchanting and exceptional region that's managed to remain pristine. Chaudes-Aigues or the Cantal In’k the Skin.

We can talk about a successful event.

It was the successful gathering of the tattooing community in the land of the Auvergnats.

It was also a crazy bet, which allowed me to undertake with my family, my friends, and all those who believed in me, a truly unique adventure.
At the same time, the adventure turned into a great personal and professional achievement.
I got to be involved in a rewarding project that took place on the land of my ancestors. It got to build something beautiful and make a mark of my own, using my own means and my own tools, in my own time.

And then there's the feeling of trying to serve my professional community, my colleagues and friends; all lovers of the intradermal arts. I had a desire to offer a greater vision, a better understanding and easier access to the world of tattoos and this passion not always well understood by the general public.

Here's a new date for you; a new rendez-vous that you will not want to miss.

This date will now go in all the calendars, along of the biggest tattoo conventions worldwide.
This event has been reported by the international press as one of the most unusual tattoo gatherings, because of its family vibe and its very unique format.

It's the most important gathering of 'new wave' tattoo artists organized in France.

An unforgettable moment in the Cantal, to live and discover the tattoo planet.

The 2014 Tattoo Festival of ChaudesAigues, will be held July 4,5 and 6.

It will be an opportunity to get together, to exchange and share our passion.
You will be able to get tattooed and to enjoy a vacation with your friends and family.
Get to know or to visit once again a great region that's filled with history.
The Cantal In’k is the best way to party, July 4,5 and 6 2014 at the Chaudes-aigues Tattoo Festival.




The Cantal in’k the Skin is a country, le Cantal just gets in your skin. « Lou Cantal labain dine la pel »



This watercolor painting was made by Dan Marshall for the Tattoo Festival of ChaudesAigues.


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